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As far back as I can remember I've been moth like and drawn to light. It could be a sun rise, sun set, or rainbows caused by refracted light. These are just a few types of light that catch my eye. After many years of raising a family, serving my country and starting a life after the military; I've moved on to using a digital camera to gather the light that has intrigued me for so long.

In many respects one must stalk the light, wait for the light or even control the light to obtain the desired results. My never ending quest is to capture the "perfect" image. I know the goal is unattainable, but the journey is worth the effort.

Being a Texas photographer in the beautiful Hill Country of Kerrville Texas, I want the freedom to have my studio anywhere I want it to be. As such, I prefer to go out into nature or use the environment as native backdrops. I feel this promotes ease with those being photographed and the added bonus of giving more life to the photos. You will also notice I have a variety of photographic interests. I enjoy landscapes of all sorts to include the beautiful Texas Hill Country. Bluebonnets, cacti, the missions in San Antonio just to name a few. I travel the Hill Country looking for that special moment or scene. I've gone from San Antonio to Junction, from Bandera to LLano, I enjoy the hip city of Austin.

If you are in the Texas Hill Country and looking for a photo of you and yours, I've got that. Have a favorite vehicle? I've got that too. I can also be booked to photograph senior sessions, quinceaneras, prized animals, bands, athletic competitions, motor cross, fashion/modelling and properties. This is not an all inclusive list. Shoot me an email and let's see if we can make a deal!

Published in July 2012 edition of MULES AND MORE starting on page 46.

9/3/12- Everything from Celebrate Bandera 2012 is up! If you desire a different crop of your image, feel free to email me at I'll be out there again tonight for the National qualifiers.

9/17/12- Here is a sample of the responses from my customers TL Sales:
"It arrived today and I love it! Didn't know what to expect in the ready to hang. Simple and perfect. Reminds me of gallery mounts. Thanks for sharing your art!"

1/1/13- All 280 images from the 2013 HCSNA Showdeo photos are now ready for viewing and purchase! All images are default cropped to 2x3 (4x6 picture). I left plenty of room for those of you who may desire different image sizes. Email me at if you desire one on one discussion about crop/editing options. I apologize for any of you I may have inadvertently missed. Social networking is such a large part of our lives. As such, purchase at least $15 in prints/merchandise and I'll email you appropriately sized images of you for instant uploading to your favorite social network(s).

2/25/13- Successful Photojournalism outing taking images of the William Travis "Victory or Death" letter arriving back to The Alamo for the first time since it was sent out during the siege in 1836. Two of the images used attached to an AP story printed in the Kerrville Daily Times.

3/4/13- Added myself to This is a location where one can search for services and receive quotes from professional in your area. Check it out here...Gathering The Light By Wade Photography

7/9/13-More positive comments from another satisfied bride from a recent wedding I photographed. "Wade they are gorgeous thank you so much for everything!!! I am forwarding the email to family and friends..
You will come highly recommended to anyone that needs a photographer... you were excellent!!!"



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